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masterSwitch to Config::AutoConfDave Rolsky2 years
v1.01commit 8801a915cd...Dave Rolsky2 years
v1.00commit b42ba88dac...Dave Rolsky3 years
v0.99commit 01e87d4831...Dave Rolsky3 years
v0.98commit 7019ca4faa...Dave Rolsky3 years
v0.97commit 22dfe5eecc...Dave Rolsky3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-07-26Switch to Config::AutoConfHEADmasterDave Rolsky
2014-07-26Add instructions change to ChangesDave Rolsky
2014-07-26Use instead of READMEDave Rolsky
2014-07-26Make a custom that mentions libmagicDave Rolsky
2014-07-26Add instructions for installing libmagicDave Rolsky
2014-07-20Remove cruftDave Rolsky
2014-07-20Remove unneeded useDave Rolsky
2014-05-04v1.01v1.01Dave Rolsky
2014-05-04Don't let Authority plugin munge codeDave Rolsky
2014-05-04Bump versionDave Rolsky